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Oh No, It's Almost Movember Again

9th October 2014

AccuCorp branches have contributed to many deserving charities over the years. One such charity, the Movember Foundation, requires a little bit more of a commitment beyond simple donations.

To further promote the Movember Foundation and to raise awareness of men's health issues, the Movember Foundation asks its male supporters to grow a moustache throughout the month of November. Not all AccuCorp branches have embraced this opportunity to promote this worthy charity, but some, have.

AccuCorp's Queensland branch, in particular, has been supporting Movember since 2007 with many unusual types of moustaches captured in image in that time. This can of course create some awkward moments when our staff have to interact in person with customers, suppliers and just the general public, but most understand it is for a good cause.

To learn more about the Movember Foundation, go here: http://au.movember.com.

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