Onboard vehicle weighing systems

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BinWeigh (Legal for Trade)

BinWeigh is divided into two categories, static and dynamic. In the static version, the tipping must be stopped to measure in turn gross then tare weights. In the dynamic version, the weight measurements are carried out in motion, without interrupting the tipping process.

The BinWeigh software POLYPHAG forms part of the METIRON computer. Thanks to many years of practical experience, this has been developed to perfection and can thus be configured for all sorts of applications and interfaces. The availability of fault-finding, setup and calibration routines make POLYPHAG very user-friendly.

In addition to these key components, AccuOnboard can also offer all other systems accessories, such as identification system, printers, memory-card drivers, power supplies, cables, etc.


  • Fully automatic weighing and identification process
  • No additional delay to the tipping cycle due to the weighing
  • Load ranges from 0-200kg to 0-4000kg
  • Smallest resolution 0.5kg
  • Components adapted to rugged environmental conditions
  • Precision according to OIML of 200 to 500 points