Onboard vehicle weighing systems

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Chain of Responsibility

Onboard weighing systems are fitted to a wide variety of vehicles to allow onboard weighing of product weights or to identify vehicle axle loadings and/or gross vehicle mass (GVM).

With the ever-increasing emphasis on Chain of Responsibility laws, it's important that companies involved in the transport of goods, including fleet managers, ensure their vehicle loads are safe and within legal limits.

AccuOnboard provides a complete range of onboard vehicle weighing systems that not only accurately and quickly determine individual vehicle axle loads but does this in real time, meaning you weigh as you load. This eliminates time on site and ensures vehicles are loaded optimally the first time, every time.

AccuOnboard's weighing systems can be fitted to the transport vehicle's chassis, to its suspension system, or to the loading equipment, whether forklift, end loader or overhead crane. Our range of solutions is comprehensive and we have a solution to suit any budget.

Whether a light commercial vehicle or a full-length road train, why not contact AccuOnboard to discuss an onboard vehicle weighing solution to suit your operations?

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