Onboard vehicle weighing systems

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WasteWeigh (Underbody loadcell)

The underbody rigid weighing system can virtually be used for any type of rigid vehicle. Load cells are fitted to the vehicle chassis and linked to a digital indicator, typically mounted in the cab.

A selection of load cell models are available to suit the vehicle size and mass, as well as a selection of digital indicators to suit the set of features and functionality required.


  • High accuracy ±0.5% of full scale or better
  • Full loadcell systems
  • Overload alarm, audible or visual
  • Simple to operate
  • Rugged for off-road use
  • 1 - 50 tonnes GVW
  • TipWatch
  • AxleWatch

PM1155 indicator

Specially engineered for onboard tipper use, the PM1155 digital indicator is a versatile display designed to suit a variety of trucks from 17 tonne to 50 tonne GVW.


As standard, the PM1155 indicator combines precision weighing with "TipWatch", a tipper stability program that alerts the driver to a potentially-unsafe tipping condition, such as uneven ground or uneven load in the body. When uneven load distribution occurs, an alarm sounds and a warning flashes on the screen. The alarm is activated when the load is more than 40% off centre.

A highly accurate junction box inclinometer measures the level of the ground or body on which the vehicle stands. A continuous display tells the driver in degrees the angle of the chassis or body. Side-to-side slopes greater than 3 degrees trigger an alarm sounder.


Axle weights are displayed, alerting the driver to any axle overload infringement.


An audible sounder and on-screen message alerts the driver if the body is raised.

Mounting versatility

The PM1155 is suitable for DIN radio mount, dash mount or trailer mount.

Trailer identification

Where tractor and trailer combinations are swapped, PM1155 automatically recognises the weighing system on the trailer, so there's no need to recalibrate every time the trailer is swapped.


Analogue and digital CANbus combine for complete compatibility between old and new systems enabling easy-to-read on-screen error messages should a problem occur.

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