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VanWeigh (Overload Suspension warning system)

Overload warning systems are almost a mandatory vehicle accessory for commercial vehicle operators since the introduction of chain of responsibility legislation (CoR) which no longer just penalises the truck driver for overloading infringements. Anyone and everyone even remotely associated with the operation of a vehicle found to be overloaded can implicated under this far reaching legislation, including the vehicle owners, the person(s) and company responsible for loading the vehicle, the owner of the site where the vehicle was loaded and also the receiver of goods from an overloaded vehicle.

AccuOnboard's VanWeigh overload warning system ensures the driver is fully aware when the vehicle load is nearing or exceeding legal GVM and/or individual axle loadings to allow the driver to make an informed decision on whether to make adjustments to load positioning or to remove excess material from the vehicle. VanWeigh overload warning systems take the guess work out of vehicle loading operations.

Specifically engineered for light commercial vehicles, the VanWeigh overload warning systems are designed for fitting to a wide variety of light commercial vehicles from vans and utilities up to light trucks of 1 to 3t capacity.

Using highly refined sensors mounted directly onto spring suspension and axle systems, AccuOnboard's VanWeigh is a low cost weighing system designed to eliminate accidental overloading of light commercial vehicles.


  • Simple to operate
  • Overload alarm output
  • Easy to read characters
  • 20, 50, 100 and 200kg increments
  • Reliable operation

Axle protection

The VanWeigh onboard truck scales are designed for rigid chassis vehicles operating daily in harsh and rigorous environments. Each axle is fitted with an environmentally sealed electronic sensor which monitors the weight applied to the vehicle axles.

  • Low installation costs
  • Accurate to ±5% FSD
  • Audible alarm as standard
  • Individual and total axle bearing
  • Suits two and three mechanical axle suspension

Easy to read LCD display

The PM Onboard VanWeigh onboard truck scales use a high-density back-illuminated liquid crystal display. The 8mm high back-light characters are clearly visible to the driver, night and day. Brightness and contrast can be adjusted by the driver to suit all ambient lighting conditions.

The display unit provides individual axle readings on the twin-channel display, informing the operator with constant, clear and precise information in kilograms, on the loaded weight of the vehicle. An audio and/or visual overload alarm will be activated to inform the operator of the overload infringement.

The VanWeigh system merely requires the vehicle to be on level ground when readings are taken and will operate to an accuracy of ±5% FSD. The all-electric system requires a minimum amount of maintenance and comes with a full 12 month parts and labour warranty.

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